In history, oneness has been the dream of visionary individuals who have built kingdoms through wars and arranged weddings.

Today, oneness is still the basic dream of unification and alignment of life energies. The success of Google, Facebook or Amazon comes from the dream of having one place where all information can be found, about mankind knowledge, or mankind individuals, or mankind products. Putting all together in ONE place, in ONE system, in ONE direction… is the basic purpose of all mankind and all life. This is the basic divine purpose. Getting to be ONE, to achieve oneness.

Achieving oneness is the basic goal of individuals, families, groups, species, life, universe, supreme beings… This goal can be seen as the ultimate criterium for sanity, peace and abondance for all. Separation is the seed of conflicting energies and motions, oneness is the unified state of aligned energies and motions, going together in the same optimum direction for achieving the optimum state. Separation is the seed of illness, war and death, oneness is the state of eternal life.

The etymology of « devil » is « dual », which itself roots to « TWO », it is the essence of the infinite field of experience of conflict, war and death in a two opposite polarities universe.

The free will of mankind is the power of choice between going into oneness or going into separation to accomplish the « two ». So the basic choice is not between the duality alternatives of « good or bad », « right or wrong », « light or dark »… Those choices are all the result of the duality-separation choice. Those choices keep the players entrapped inside the illusion of the 2 polarities games, which are innumerable. The true choice which is the true path out of the trap of duality, is the choice between oneness and separateness, between unity and duality.

So the real choice is in the direction we take. The flow of life goes in the direction of oneness, this is the basic intention of the creation. Going against oneness is the action of fighting against the basic intention of creation. The only part of mankind which struggles against oneness is the « ego » of man. Ego is basically the idea the individual is a separate entity, which must fight to secure its own survival. This idea, when the individual’s awareness grows, evolves into the idea that the family is an entity that must fight to secure its survival. Then as this idea evolves, it becomes the idea that a groupe must fight to survive, then the idea becomes that the specie must fight to survive, then the living must survive, then the universe must survive, then the idea itself must survive, then the infinite supreme being must survive.

So « survival » is the basic idea that separates entities, from the scale of the individual ego to the scale of the infinite supreme being ego. This process of survival is an inevitable progression which generates conflicts, wars and competition, until entities of any scale reach the point of awareness that the next step to survival is achieving oneness with competitors. When little kings married their children to unify their families, they achieved oneness of a bigger kingdom, and when mankind find a way of putting all their interests aligned within their countries and nations, they have to find a way of aligning their interests with those of nature, living organisms, minerals, vegetals and animals, elements of air, earth, water, energies, grounds and seas…

And even the infinite supreme being only reaches peace when it achieves oneness with the Void, the ultimate essence from which consciousness separates itself in two pieces : the observer and the observed. Consciousness of consciousness, observing ones own awareness as an object of study, is the final step that must be undone by suffering the ultimate solitude of « being all that is ».